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Shaping change
Crafting effective public affairs strategies based on your business objectives

Founded in 1995, Political Intelligence has become a renowned consultancy in public affairs and strategic communications. With a deep understanding of political discourse and business needs, we help our clients identify political risks and opportunities, we prepare them to participate in the policymaking process and we build their reputation for them to actively engage. So, are you ready to tackle the age of average and shape change?

Our markets

Breaking barriers, building bridges

Our offices are situated in the most prominent political locations. Whether you need support in one specific country or across all four of them, PI is your go-to public affairs agency. We are experts in our national markets and join forces to provide you with a holistic approach.

Our values

What defines us

  • Insights

    We have an in-depth knowledge of the subjects we work on. We simplify the complex and provide clarity, striving to strike the perfect balance between intellect and curiosity. Our insights-based approach delivers campaigns with measurable results. We don’t simply analyse policy; we know how to interpret the nuances in tone of government policy and the attitudes of key stakeholders, which is critically important. We are experts in navigating this landscape and fearless in our approach, working within a vast network across Europe.

  • Integrity

    It’s our mission to become true trusted advisors, which is not a statement we take lightly. Earning trust is something we’ve been doing for over 25 years. We facilitate dialogue between politics, society and organisations, whilst making sure that our services and client relationships are transparent, trustworthy and ethical. We believe that integrity in our actions will help shape meaningful impact.

  • Impact

    Political Intelligence fuels positive business and societal change by delivering high impact, integrated campaigns based on in-depth analysis and clear KPIs. We embrace working with innovative organisations, creating tailored strategies to help our clients achieve their objectives and measure tangible results. We build forward-looking narratives to help position our clients in an ever-changing ecosystem. We value creativity yet keep a pragmatic insights-driven modus operandi so as to bring to life campaigns that matter, influence, build reputations, and shape the future.


We pride ourselves on complying with strict codes of conduct and transparency, and on actively contributing to the development of the main professional associations of our field.

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Our network

Although we primarily handle market-specific questions, we do not shy away from joining forces. To help you fully and sustainably, we collaborate across borders and offer you services in other European markets.

Pleased to meet you!

From a question to a quest for change, we are more than happy to help. Feel free to send us a message or to give us a call.

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