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Companies looking for guidance within the Belgian landscape also came knocking on the door of our EU office in Brussels. That led to the creation of a team specialising in Belgian policy & politics. Our location places us at the epicentre of politics; strategically positioned between the Belgian, the European and other international institutions.

Welcome to Brussels too

Our Belgian team works closely together with our EU-focused colleagues to provide you with seamless support across all levels of policymaking. We share the same approach and values, yet our expertise spans diverse sectors.

Our sectors

Our fields
of action

With a primary focus on digital, tech, healthcare, food, pharma, energy and mobility, we have a broad portfolio in which we energetically and passionately support you with the relevant expertise.

Our services

The nuts and bolts
of our office

We identify risks and opportunities

Our BE team includes experts from different sectors with the necessary experience and insights into Belgian policy, communication strategies and public affairs as a whole. They closely monitor the developments at the heart of Belgian politics as well, to ensure that you are early and fully informed of any changes that may impact your sector or company.

We participate in the policymaking process

Genuinely understanding the pulse of Belgian legislation, our team empowers policy decisions by bridging the gap between policymakers and real-world impact. Thus, we deliver crucial insights to facilitate informed and effective policymaking.

We engage with relevant stakeholders

Our mission is to foster meaningful relationships. And to ensure that the voices of those affected by legislation are heard by our policymakers, we facilitate open dialogues and encourage cooperation. Collaboration for collective impact!

We adopt an adaptive attitude

The can-do attitude is deeply rooted in our DNA: we actively seek solutions and deviate from an initial strategy if it would not achieve the predefined goals. Yes, we are versatile. If we need to be flexible, we will be. If the plan needs to be changed, we change. Until you are fully helped and satisfied.

We meet your unique needs

Client needs vary, and we tailor our services accordingly. Whether you need a monitoring system that fits your format and information flow, or a communication strategy customised to your goals and audiences, we listen with utmost precision.

Our team

Meet your
sparring partners

Wondering what our in-house expertise looks like?
Click on a team member and get a sneak peek at their knowhow.

Meet the whole team
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Marine Degraux

Finance Business Partner

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Malika Masimova

Human Resources Officer

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Daniela Farcas

Administrative Assistant

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Jerina Durmishaj

HR and Admin Assistant

At PI Brussels we combine expertise, professionalism, and a deep knowledge of public affairs with a fun and caring environment. We build trusted and longstanding relationships with our clients and make sure each colleague feels valued.

Managing Partners of PI Brussels

Our news

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The Future of digital policy in Belgium and the European Union

Belgium has been chairing the Council of the EU since January 2024. A period for which our country had set an ambitious…

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Agathe van de Plassche and Matti van Hecke join PI Brussels as new Managing Partners.

Agathe van de Plassche and Matti van Hecke join Isabelle De Vinck and Andrea D’Incecco as Managing Partners of Political Intelligence Brussels…

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PI Brussel’s Matti Van Hecke nominated as PACE’s newest Board member

Matti Van Hecke from Political Intelligence was recently appointed to represent Bepact (Belgian Public Affairs Community) in the Board of Directors at…

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Our Belgian office

People working on their laptops in the Brussels office


Rue de la loi 38
1000 Brussels
T +32 (0)2 789 66 22

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European Union

While we work in the same building as our Belgian colleagues, we specialise in EU topics. This makes our Brussels office the ideal hub for collaboration. We pride ourselves in having a professional yet people-oriented approach, ensuring that we get the work done while valuing personal connections. As a result, there will always be room for a coffee catchup in between strategy sessions.

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Pleased to meet you!

From a question to a quest for change, we are more than happy to help. Feel free to send us a message or to give us a call.

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